New around here!

Hi, I’m Chelle and totally new to the blog scene but VERY excited to be here!

I am 35 weeks pregnant with our first child (‘our’ being me and my utterly wonderful husband Davey) and have decided to set up my blog for a couple of reasons. The first being that following the advice of an old friend (and fellow blogger) I now see this as a fantastic opportunity to take a snapshot of our lives at this time, as I am well aware it is going to go by in a blink (hopefully the sleepless nights more so than the precious times). I am embracing my blog not only for our lovely friends to share this chapter with us but also for new friends (blog readers) and most importantly our new little family as it grows – how lovely it will be for baby to have an insight into how they were welcomed to the world?! Secondly, it works as a creative outlet for a little project that I am ‘playing around with’. 

Chellebelle has been slowly evolving for a while now – I was always creative in school and feel like over the years, I have kind of lost my ‘sparkle’ so I am taking it back! I have been surrounding myself with prettiness again, feeling no shame that I burst with excitement when I see glitter, pretty fabric and my own designs coming alive. I have also been embracing new ideas and skills – some have worked and some haven’t but I am now at the point where I am starting to develop a collection of gifts for new parents, newly married couples and a collection of homemade children’s décor.

I am conscious that there will be some sceptics and only being 5 weeks from baby arriving (assuming he or she is punctual…) I could be biting off far more than I can chew but it is a risk I have decided I am happy to take. After all, life is short and I just know I would regret not ‘having a go’ plus, if I do find it all a bit too much – I can take a break! I realise I am not superwoman but I am totally fine with it… Of course it would be nice for others to appreciate my ideas/ creations/ call it what you will, but if not – I will have had fun along the way making prettiful things!

I just keep repeating a very famous quote over when I hear that little voice of doubt…
‘If you can dream it, you can do it’ (Walt Disney). Let’s hope he is right!

The focus of my blog will be lifestyle/ pregnancy/ parenting because it’s what I am doing right now and it feels very real and I am hoping that others in the same boat will join me! Alongside taking my hobby and turning it into a new small business (as it evolves) and the trials and tribulations of becoming a new parent (also as it evolves…) I would really like a creative space to share my experiences, photos (bit obsessed with these) and feelings, without feeling like I am bombarding friends on Facebook – somewhere people who want to hear this news can read it! 

I am really excited about motherhood but I am hoping my blog will be where I can still be Chelle – as well as mummy!



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