The big reveal

When I first dreamt up Chellebelle I had so many ideas, the problem was I had too many ideas. I wanted to paint things, make things, design things… you get the picture but I think finally I am there, with a product that I LOVE! Very excitamondoes indeed but I thought it would be fun to share a bit about the journey I have been on as well as the exciting destination!

Instagram has been totally fab at helping me embrace creativity.  For anyone reading who hasn’t heard of it, Instagram is a social media platform which differs slightly to Facebook in that instead of a status made of words, posts are made using photography (which my friends know I love). It also differs to Facebook because instead of having ‘friends’ and ‘friend requests’, you have people you ‘follow’ and people who ‘follow you’, which is great because it feels a little less intimate than Facebook. Whereas I use Facebook for keeping friends updated with ‘news’, I use Instagram to post pictures of things I have found beautiful and/or inspiring – I also use it to record a snapshot of something important which is going on, after all they do say… ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’
With the use of hashtags it is possible to connect your photography with a global audience of like-minded people. You may be thinking I still digress, but this is heading somewhere… promise.

Here is my Instagram account to show you what it looks like!
As I just hinted, one of the features I love about Instagram is the ability to connect with like-minded people, in my case people who make pretty things! Craftsposure (a popular Instagram user) has been a real source of inspiration for me so far, as has their ‘Idea to Biz’ online course. The course has really helped me to tune into what I want from Chellebelle, think about what I enjoy to make and work on refining my product base. Until I started the course I had so many ‘potentials’ for products and it was really hard trying to contain them all, almost to the point where I was considering stopping before I even started… Hold my hands up and say ‘forget it’ because it just felt too big. Luckily for me, the e-Biz course was so fantastic at inspiring me and helping me get back on track until I had that ‘lightbulb’ moment, when I first made something I was proud of and thought, Yes – I actually would buy this!

So - are you ready for this? Ok… My main focus is going to be designing and making artwork using paper cutting techniques and a fusion of card and fabric which looks a little something like this… (deep breath!)

I have already cut a fair few designs but being a total faffer and perfectionist, I only have three final pieces that I am super happy to show off to the world at this point. I debated with myself whether to wait until I had more to show but thought it would be more fun if I had the ‘big reveal’ with each new one, rather than start with a load and run out of steam. This way I get to start sharing my work sooner and can also get a feel for each design’s individual appeal and success too.

The plan is to have artwork which can be personalised but will hopefully be just as pretty without and eventually, I plan to have a couple of sizes on offer. I don’t want to run before I start walking so I am spending most of my time (in the peace and quiet before baby arrives) practising my skills, playing with fabric and perfecting designs, developing my packaging and working out how I am going to do all this with a newborn!

Want to see the final one? My very first piece which I gifted to my husband…

So there you go, the cat is out of the Chellebelle bag, I hope you love as much as I do. Please comment below if you would like to share your thoughts with me about Chellebelle, starting a new craft business or any other wisdom you may have!


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