A real grown up or boring?!

I met up with Kathryn, one of my lovely mummy friends today and as we live about 40 minutes apart, we agreed on somewhere which was an equal-ish distance. As Kathryn has a little girl she suggested we meet at Snakes and Ladders, which is an indoor soft play centre - it didn’t matter too much to me where we met… as long as there were toilets, baby changing facilities, they sell tea and have somewhere to sit I am happy!

Not long after we arrived Ollie needed feeding and whilst Immy was exploring Kathryn suggested Ollie join her when he was finished. I kind of sat there a bit bemused, Ollie is only 10 weeks old? What can he possibly find entertaining in there?! If I am honest, I felt really out of my depth…
I took my friend’s lead, afterall she has managed 33 months of parenting and her daughter is adorable! We took Ollie into the ball pit and lay him down – he loved it… until he started to sink and he started complaining. Amazing photo opportunity though!

I scooped him up and we went into an enclosed area where children can play with cars on one of those carpets which looks like a town, again, I would never have thought to take him in there but I improvised and sat Ollie between my legs so he could watch the children play, which he enjoyed for a short time.


It was lovely to do something new with him but it did highlight to me that I really have no idea when it comes to entertaining children. I can’t play. I don’t know how to play! So far I have muddled my way through; reading stories to Oliver, singing the few nursery rhymes I can remember and regularly pretending to eat his limbs (we all do that right? It gave us his first laugh – he loves it!) but past this, I really am stumped! Then it dawned on me – I always avoid playing with children and it’s because I don’t know what to do… does this mean I am a real grown up now or just that I am boring?! 

With this in mind I came home and did some research – it turns out I am already playing age appropriate games (shaking toys and moving them around, bicycle riding, singing songs, pulling faces etc) so it turns out I’m not such a bad mummy afterall. I think it is just that I haven't needed to play in such a long time; I am hoping it is like riding a bike and it will all come flooding back to me as we go along, but if not we can learn to play games together.


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